Available Paintings

F: Painting is located at the Foyer Gallery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
S: Painting is located at Studio 9170. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
L: Painting is located at The Birds Nest, Lafayette, Louisiana    
M: Painting is located at Mosaic Garden, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A New Day 16x40 M

Beauty of the Earth 24x24 M

The Air I Breathe 24x30 M

Emerald Isle 2-11x14 M

Enter 18x24 S

Journeys II 24x30 S

Journeys VI 24x30 M

Joy in the Morning 24x30 L

Safe Place 18x24 M

The Harvest 36x36 L

Walk On 2 - 24x30 S

Kalispell Dreams 30x30 M

Seasons Planting 18x18 S

Wonder of Creation 2 18x24 M

Swan River Run 30x40 M

The Trees Clap their Hands 24x36 L

Wonder of Creation 16X16 L

On the way (2 panels)6x36 24x36 M

The Air I Breathe 24x30 S. JPG

Waiting for Good News 18x18 L

His Presence 30x30 M